On-Line Registration

On-Line Registration
15° Mezza Maratona "Città di Palmanova"

  • Participation Requirements

Palmanova Half Marathon is open to all athletes being at least 18 years old.

If you want to take part in the competitive race, Palmanova Half Marathon, and have the chance to compete for the prizes and be included in the FIDAL ranking list, you will need to follow precisely either of these possibilities:
– hold a valid membership of a foreign Sports Federation affiliated with IAAF; in this case you’ll have to provide to Eventi Sportivi Palmanova a copy of the association license or a self declaration in which you declare that you are affiliated to a IAAF sport club;
– register to the FIDAL – Runcard Website and provide to Runcard and Eventi Sportivi Palmanova a copy of the medical certification which allows you to take part in competitive races, according to the Italian law.

Please note that there are no other ways to participate to Palmanova Half Marathon.

Please also note that you will not be allowed to run and you will not be allowed to enter the competition track and its services if you enroll without having all the previosly mentioned requirements (either a valid membership of foreign Sports Federation affiliated with IAAF or Fidal Runcard).

  • 2018 Entry Fees

– Euro 22,00 from 1° to 500° entries;
– Euro 27,00 from 501° to 1.700° entries;
– Euro 32,00 27,00 (special price!) from 1.701° to 3.400° entries (actual price);
– Euro 37,00 from 3.401° to 4.000° entries.

Enrollments will be closed at 4000 entries and/or on the 13th of November, 2017.
Special prices apply for sport groups who enroll 10 or more runners. Please contact for more details.

  • Enrollment and Entry Fee Payment Options

The entry fee can be paid using the following methods:

– using the on-line registration form and payment system provided by EnterNow;
– by bank transfer, only for the sport groups who enroll 10 or more runners.

There are no other ways of enrolling or paying your entry fee for Palmanova Half Marathon.

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